Mobile Telephony

In the last decade the mannering changes of the users of mobile telephony (cellular), not yet opened a question answered by the operators. Already it is known that smartphones is main the responsible ones for these changes. Estma that the use of data already surpassed far of the use of voice in these equipment, that is, we use more the writing of it says what it stops communicating in them. With the expansion of the net 3G, more and more people the Internet tem access saw smartphone. the Living creature, TIM, Clearly and OI. They esteem that almost 2000 cities already are taken care of by these nets, that already pass for a transformation process or upgrade as they say the tecnolgos, all wait the stroke of a bell so net 4G as possibility of 21/mbps of speed. After all: With as much technology, it will be that the relationships will be touched way smartphones?