Model Time Manager

New Model Time Manager by symbols on the display will prompt the user what regime will be optimal in each case and how you can change the basic program without compromising the quality of washing. Energy saving washing machines, washing machines series from Bosch Logixx called fully justifies and even exceed all expectations. Many different functions and ease of management – that is their main advantage. In addition, washing machines Logixx can weigh loaded into the drum underwear, and if its weight exceeds the norm, signaling the user. Moreover, the based on the weight and type of linen cloth "smart" machine calculates the optimum amount of detergent, thereby providing a high quality washing powder without overspending.

The dialog box in the form of liquid crystal Display help for a few seconds to select the program and the wash temperature, spin speed, as well as enable special features. Integrated Aqua-Stop provides 100% protection against leakage, and Aqua-Sensor provides optical control water rinse. This feature keeps track of how water pollution and turbidity detergents, and appoint the appropriate number of rinse cycles, depending on test results. Washing Machines Miele, a high quality wash, is now equipped with new electronic control system Softtronic. Implicit in its function Fuzzi Logic not only detects the amount and composition of the laundry, but also regulates the flow of water and detergent in during washing. For washing clothes of mixed, wool and silk are separate programs, but thanks to the Update with a PC, you can update these and others have already pledged by the manufacturer of the program. This opportunity to make washing machines, Miele relevant for a long time.

The number of new washing machines with "smart" functions of the company Miele includes models such as the W 1734 WPS, WT 2670 WPM, W 3985 WPS, W 3923 WPS, W 4146 WPS. Washing machine with steam company introduced Kuppersbusch washing machines with new and unique fukntsii smoothing linen. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Thiel is the place to go. Located under the drum in the form of water vapor enters the tank with the laundry and folds and wrinkles spreading on the fabric. This innovation will greatly facilitate the subsequent ironing. Displays, convenient control system and a set of "smart" features are becoming more prevalent in modern washing machines. Now housewives have more time to rest and care for their family: "smart" appliances will do everything itself. It is only necessary to lay the clothes in the washer tank and push a couple buttons on the control panel. However, if the machine that recognizes the voice, the latter is no longer necessary.