Nemomarlin Continues

Nemomarlin () not to open new delegations. And it is that recognised nursery schools franchise continues to expand its presence in the capital with two new centres, the first in the downtown neighborhood of Chamberi and second in the vicinity of Madrid, in the locality of Boadilla del Monte. So things the new school in the Centre of the capital is located in the calle Melendez Valdes No. 28, is 360 m2, a staff of 10 people and has capacity for 76 children. So he explains Garrosa Ana, his franchise, the reason for choosing this business as a formula for self-employment. The Nemomarlin project captivated me from the first moment. Continuous concern for finding new ways to innovate, find resources to improve service to children and parents and perfectly planned programming are without a doubt the best letter of introduction, says.

For its part the school inaugurated in Boadilla del Monte is situated in the Avenida Julio Fuentes No. 9 and has 323 sqm which can accommodate up to 80 children who are attended by 5 people. In these early days have not stopped arriving customers and people interested since we are a very different offer that there are around the area. In fact, have already planned expand staff who is in charge of the Center immediately explains Fuencisla Garcia, your franchisee. Security and better benefits, but what have the Nemomarlin centres so that they are so welcome among parents seeking school for their kids?. Both franchises coincide in highlighting centres and facilities security measures that enjoy, something to confess, captive parents. In our case especially appreciate the fact that the Centre occupies one floor so there are no stairs, something which avoids dangers to children in every day and that in case of any disturbances such as fire, speeds up the evacuation.

To this is added the fact that patio is in the interior of the Centre, what entails a greater privacy and have a much more specific control of the students clarifies the franchisee’s Boadilla. For its part, Ana Garrosa, highlights Nemomarlin offers facilities that cannot be compared. Everything is designed to the smallest detail. Security doors and floors and camera web are just two examples. From my point of view that without doubt is our strong point. Broadening horizons with these two new openings, the network of nursery schools adding 9 centres and is very satisfied. Entrepreneurs show us their trust and see in us a business differently within the sector in which we operate. That differential value is what makes them strong bet on Nemomarlin, Hector Diaz Reimondez, its CEO says. Moreover, the directive stresses that an important part of the success of your franchise consists of the support provided to franchisees. They are an essential part. That is why we seek to feel our support always. From the moment in which starts the project and starting the works, up to any inconvenience or doubt arising at any instant concludes Reimonde. Press Office and RR.PP for management of interviews, the expansion of information or graphic material sending do not hesitate to contact us. Tel.: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Miriam Lopez Nuria crowned 185 thousand new voting centers will be enabled for the 26S chamosaurio benefits for unemployment PYSN news EMET 2.0, new version of the plug-in of Microsoft Security?Does the military who participated in the Government military, want the Reconciliaci? n? Two new centers of neighborhood participation in the La and October 12 neighborhoods The libertarian: Daily independent of Jujuy news reports