Familiarize yourself note that know the area where will be your Office is crucial, since the colonies and neighborhoods in the city of Mexico vary greatly, perhaps more than in other cities of the country. Czech print that causes the area as well as local services and access to the area. Question to the owner of the Office information about the area. It calls for storage if need it much storage do you need? The first rule you should take into account is that the Office and the warehouse have a good security system, not only technological, but also human. Consider what you are going to store, how valuable is for your company, and how often you need to access it. Once more takes into account transport links. Offices with access outside working hours asked if you have access outside work hours and if there were security at these times.

Perhaps this is not a problem, because the in city of Mexico, Office hours are spread over eight hours. Investigates the permissible uses of your Office if your company needs some special use will have to ask if the Office you want to rent has permission for the type use you require. Please note that a change of use can attract the application of new permits and licenses, which implies greater investment. Charges for services investigates whether charges for services are included in the price of the rent of offices. Are there extra charges for the use of meeting rooms, cafe, WiFi, storage and parking service? Please note that parking is normally very expensive in city of Mexico. To tone with neighbors considered rotation of those who rented offices adjacent to yours, perhaps not you would like to have as a neighbor to your competition, for example. It takes into account the type of business that will be your neighbors in the event that you decide for the rental of an Office in particular. Talk to your neighbors neighbors business you can give valuable information about the traps of the Office or the area, probably you would not give account of many of them until after a few months. Talk to other companies in the area, can bring you benefits.