All head is ill a negative opinion of itself: Low self-esteem. I am clumsy, I am bad, I am ugly, poor of me, do not deserve that they want to me, I do not deserve that they admire to me, I do not deserve pardon, I do not deserve good things, etc. A negative opinion of world: Distrust. All are equal, in the world does not have good; it only has bad and idiot, all are inept ones, the one that do not run flies, etc. and finally a negative opinion of the future. Pesimism and hopelessness.

It is going to me to go badly, I am not going to obtain it, I do not have remedy, I am condemned being poor, etc. Martin Seligman formulated the hypothesis that the depression in the humans is a state of learned neglect. An example of neglect we see the learned it in the elephant. The elephant is one of the strong animal but that there are on the Earth face, if it is not that but hard. To this animal they maintain prisoner to it in the circus with an assured chain, of an end, to a shackle that put to him in one of their legs and to the other end to a fragile stake that could start just by to take a step that would not represent but the minimum effort for him. Why it does not do it? To this elephant, when he was small they very hard tied, it to a stake.

All efforts to free itself were unfruitful until it learned that all effort to change its situation would be useless and it resigned to remain tied to a stake. As well as this elephant learned to that he was useless to free itself of the stake, we we learned to have a low self-esteem, to distrust of the others, to being pessimistic and to remain in that state. All head is ill and all doliente heart To depressed people happens to him but disagreeable things in their life and its experience of these events also are but disagreeable that the one of people nondepressed (Lewinson and Talkington, 1979). the average of the age of the first depressive episode of a person in the years 70s was of 29,5 and nowadays is placed in the 14,5 years (Seligman, 2003, 164. 165) The WHO (World-wide Organization of the Health) says that the depression at present occupies the fourth place in the prevalence of all the diseases and that it stops the 2020 will be the second disease in the world. If the depression is a learned negative vision, then we can learn to have a positive vision to fight it. We learn to see the good things that there is in us. We cultivate the pardon and the gratitude. If we pardoned, what it hurts will stop to us doing it. If we are been thankful and so we received, we will be happy, and if we learn to also see the good thing in us, we will be able to see the good thing in the others and will see the life with optimism. An author who memory its name did not say: He seeds a thought and you will reap an act. He seeds an act and you will reap a habit. He seeds a habit and you will harvest a character. He seeds a character and you will reap a destiny.