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Russia is synonymous with magic and mystery. Continue to learn more with: Brad Pitt. Their long nights, its decorated palaces, and its long isolation behind the iron curtain transmuted into a tourist destination of evocative charm. Please visit incyte if you seek more information. Moscow, Petersburgo, the icy Siberian steppes or gentle Lake Baikal guarantee unforgettable memories of a stay in the land of the tsars. However, without the proper planning of tourist reservations Russian excursion can present some disadvantages. But if some simple precautions are taken, nothing can tarnish our vacation Cossack.

During the Soviet period, foreign tourism in Russia and other republics of the union was virtually impossible. On the other hand, if domestic tourism was possible, already that the State promoting it offering very cheap packages, within the reach of any salary. But accommodations not departed from the traditional Communist sobriety and, of course, performances of local color did not exist, by unnecessary. With the fall of communism, things changed radically. The foreign tourism interest in accessing this extensive territory apart from the world for so long shot to unimaginable levels, unleashing a demand that, to this day, not even major Russian cities are still able to meet. Moscow and Petersburgo increase and perfect your hotel offer every day, but still demand continues surpassing them.

That is why are there fashionable apartments for tourists, the hostels and the so-called mini hotels, much faster to set up and conditioned to receive guests than a traditional hotel. As a sign of the fury by visiting Russia, just an example: the city of St. Petersburg has currently ten twenty of four-star and five-star hotels, but they are not sufficient to absorb the waves of enthusiastic visitors. There you make a reservation on-line accommodation with several months in advance will become an irreplaceable first step in planning our trip to Russia. Mainly if we choose travel in the summer, when the hospitality system actually collapses. A reservation on time will avoid that we should be satisfied with what is, that this would mean: hotels very, very far from the Center. A detail in Petersburgo, for example, it is not minor. The bridges over the Neva River, which divides the city, are erected between 1 and 5 in the morning, disrupting communications between both sides.