Restoration Director

In his own foundation and its preservation / restoration show how multi-faceted aspects taken into account when designing and carrying out the measures. Usually, they go beyond the boundaries of knowledge separate designer, so he needs help in a special planning. Together with the necessary knowledge, transmitted Academy Bernhard Remmers, special planning Remmers is available along with knowledge and experience solutions to similar complex problems. Credit: Brad Pitt-2011. Our task – to help you in planning difficult and risky part of "steps" to both the object and the project participants looked to the future positively (Fig. 8). with laureates Elena Isaakovna Kagramonovoy (Director Somit-Restoration), Rudolf Andreyevich Kagramonovym (Technical Director Somit-Restoration) and Andrew Ivliev (Director of the Company "Rebirth") Restoration Tsarina – is restored in scientific terms or recreation? Elena Kagramanova: It depends on the concept of conservation of historic monuments.

According to one of the buildings could Tsaritsyno make "open air museum", to keep them in the form we inherited the ruins (no roof), having the appropriate work on conservation. Such examples, we know there is in Greece and Italy. We follow a different concept: the use in Restoration of the types and formulations of materials, techniques and technology of works of the era in which the buildings were built. Additionally, using modern designs, materials and technology. In this case, With such an approach retained its historical appearance of the building at justifiable cost. Today the park Tsarina – is one of the best if not the best park in Moscow, in terms of architecture and places for recreation in Moscow.