Suspended Ceilings

Ceiling and lighting Suspended ceilings provide ample opportunity for the creation of the original interior of your kvartireChto Well, with the floor, we already figured out, next on the queue ceiling. It's all a bit easier than with sex, but it still has its 'zamorochki'. First of all, consider what in general are ceilings. The easiest option for every apartment – the ceiling is not touch and just decorate it a suitable material and color. But along with this do exist and are widely used false ceilings. This is probably the most common type of ceiling because of its practicality and enjoyable appearance. The suspended ceiling is a little gypsum board attached to the ceiling. They can be any color and texture, which makes it possible to use it to create almost any design you like interior design in your apartment.

As an alternative interior design uses flat ceilings. Below ground (the carrier) ceiling stretches special film, which directly adjacent to the walls. But for apartments low ceiling suspended ceiling is not very suitable. And if the room while still small, you will feel like in a box. All the same, and this decision is. I think that because of a ceiling we will not immediately run to search for a new apartment. So, in apartments with low ceilings, it can be quite small 'margin'.

Or simply arrange the room in country style. He fits in small rooms with low ceilings. For installation of stretch ceiling is best to invite a skilled worker at the house, as you install it yourself is unlikely.