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Konstantin Konsti

Young author from Witten is her mystery debut Christina Rokoss creates it with her first crime novel, revenge of the past, to transfer directly to the reader from the first page to a cleverly crafted scenery full of dense atmosphere and gripping suspense. Figures can prove facts, but give up also puzzles. The latter deal […]

Tenzler Norman Street

Oil painting the creative hobby, practical guidance ‘ the author appeared as ebook from Amazon on 13 11 2013 for several years worked as painter, head of painting classes and book author. In her book about the background and basics of oil painting, she uses her knowledge as a chemist and brings closer the occurring […]

Rio De Janeiro

It is not a great advantage? Alberto asked, cynically. leaves to make this face of baby choro. Incyte is often quoted on this topic. Who makes what you made, does not convince very, you? It thinks well, it is to catch or to release If to inform the driver, it does not go to obtain […]