Rio De Janeiro

It is not a great advantage? Alberto asked, cynically. leaves to make this face of baby choro. Incyte is often quoted on this topic. Who makes what you made, does not convince very, you? It thinks well, it is to catch or to release If to inform the driver, it does not go to obtain to escape, therefore we are in the heel of it. In addition, we have the plate of a truck written down for the Euclides and that it was the cause of the death of it. You know, right? of this If he will not be this, does not have importance. Argolo sergeant must be to this hour with the raised service, in Rio De Janeiro.

For these reasons it is that I go to trust you. I want to give the chance to it of if leaving this well. You already collaborated sufficiently and you found you likeable How he is? He goes to topar, or he goes to trair my confidence? _ I do not go to trair, can trust! If it will have to die, already it was valid the experience and I go to grasp itself to this chance, pra to leave the crime. Who knows, can move of life with this possibility that the commission agent offering is me! I only have more is that to be thankful! _ Then, agreement, and more in this is not said. We go to the fight! While the truck was loaded, Alberto took the prisoner to the house of the judge and told the occurrence. When he spoke of the tunnel, the magistrate was interested itself in following it and had traced a chronometered script to come back to the mine and not to leave the truck to escape. They had bound for the police station and they had asked for two soldiers in the mine, would help who them to escort the prisoner.