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Yearly Archives: 2014

AntiMalware Pro

When is software available for download is safe? Before the software users download to their computers, they should check out the source of their seriousness and to ensure that the software can damage your computer. So you should use reliable sources, such as long shot speed. Users often turn to shot speed and inquire about […]

Open Universities

In the world, the EAD was after characterized the construction of the Open Universities and the inclusion of the modality in the distance in courses of institutions of superior level that already were consolidated the actual modality. Education in the distance can be divided in categories that act in the area expanding in diversified way […]

Argentina Confederation

Sales fall in the shopping malls as the consumer index of the consultants, in February the shopping malls suffered its third consecutive fall in quantities sold. The INDEC February data showed that sales in the shopping malls ceased to grow: in quantities, interannual growth was only 0.3%. But since December the variations were below […]

The School

They are needed educational with experience, up-to-date, investigating, enterprising, proactive, motivating knowledge totally identified with education, and on all, able to realise the investigations that they invite to the withdrawn futures to fuse itself with the national and world-wide reality. Educational, that confronts the challenges that the country presents/displays, that is able to integrate its […]

Managing Directors

(since 1999 in Luxembourg worked) and VSE-NET GmbH (since 1998 in Germany). Through the years of experience of both companies may be artelis group new products faster and cheaper on the market and in particular cross-border services offered. The performance spectrum ranges from providing data, Internet and voice services over the rental of highly secure […]

Revision Of The Founding Grant

Concrete assistance – in particular in the business plan for new regulation of the founding grant for the unemployed the founding grant may be requested from the employment agency, if still at least 150 days of residual claim for unemployment benefit besteht(SGB III). The grant for 6 months and an additional 300,–euros for the social […]

Quality Management – Your Competitive Advantage

As you support your long-term business success through a sleek, efficient quality management system the market position of many companies has become more difficult in recent years. The growing homogenization of the services offered, the increased customer expectations consistently high product quality and the growing importance of the Internet have resulted in that it is […]

About Ceresana

It is also their strongest growth in existing customers for over 18% of the company. Mostly, the companies rely on attracting new customers, would convince them especially with quality & design and technology. The companies mainly in the areas of technology and marketing see everyone forward but at cost reductions, potential for improvement. These perform […]

Course Technician

The CEFETS carry through the formation by means of actual meeting in the distance (seminaries) and, saw e-mail, telephone or virtual platform of education. It is also of responsibility of the CEFET to assist the systems of education in the activities of spreading and implantation of the Course Technician of Formation for the Employees of […]

Concrete Stamps

Grades of concrete on frost resistance of the F 25 and F 500 is characterized by the number of cycles withstand alternate freezing and thawing in water-saturated state. Concrete Stamps on water resistance of W 2 and W 12 is characterized by the limiting pressure at which the water is still not observed seeping through […]