Audio Voltage

In this case I bring one to them faya that is very common, rather two faults, and perhaps for the experience technicians she is very simple but for those who just begin or have the electronics like a simple entertainment perhaps no. The fault screen without brightness but with audio, that is dark black screen and audio. This faya occurs by the following reason, of them it is the lack of the voltage of feeding to trc that it is the voltage that is moderate in alternating and leaves flyback of the called connector Heter. Perhaps the voltage does not arrive by several reason one for them is a resistance that is between the leg to heter of flyback or directly flyback in evil been or what trc is worse burned. In all it forms the main thing is to have tester and to begin the measurements from flyback grasped the tube. The second fault is similar and is when trc this dark but is managed to see the image.

This can be for several reasons and one of them is the tube thus exhausted does not illuminate the sufficient thing to clarify the image. Varying from prest of sub brightness and having improvement escrim does not rise and we do not have either result, a form to solve this problem but of little orthodox form is to give one or two cable returns on the nucleus of flyback and to directly connect it in the feeding to the tube. This what does is to increase the voltage of feeding to the tube and therefore increases the brightness but load with himself the disadvantage that diminishes the time of duration of said trc and if the returns that is wanted to him to put are many can bring prepared the immediate destruction of the filament of the tube, is due to have much taken care of at the time of realising this type of repairs. The most advisable serious change of the cathode ray tube by the another new but sometimes cost does not deserve thus one more a immediate solution is the indicated above one. I hope he is useful and it waits for its commentaries to them. Luck and greetings.