You don’t need to have a website to earn money on the Internet. Here you have a proven strategy to make money online without a website: step 1: find affiliate products find a product to promote having a good Commission for each sale that you make and thus earn more money for the same effort. Generally, you will receive higher commissions, and therefore earn more money online, with digital products, or also called infromacion products. Digital products are defined as something which is discharged directly to a client computer after the purchase, such as e-books or software. Since there is no additional cost per unit, and there is no inventory of shipping, the commissions are much higher than physical goods. The most common Commission for products digital is 50%. The best place to find these products is It is not something Adroll Marketing Platform would like to discuss.

In this way many people have managed to make much money online. Sign up as a reseller (or also called affiliate) for the product that you find most attractive. After sign up, you will receive a link from unique member (user ID) which will serve to redirect customers to the web site of the owner to buy the product. Your link’s affiliate, will have a special code that will tell you the owner of the product who is referring to every customer who purchases the product. The link code of affiliate it allows you to track your commissions properly and thus your commissions will be allocated to you of affiliate properly.

And after accumulating a minimum amount of money in your account you can withdraw it. Step 2: Get a domain name that makes you win money get a good domain name that makes you win money by redirecting clients with your link from affiliate.