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Dear reader, today I speak of security, but not that we must provide the state, not security against the danger of aggression. I do not mean social security or social welfare. I speak of the other security, such that you are always looking for. Additional information at noah kraft supports this article. The need before embarking on any challenge, any activity, any compromise, any business, and not everyone has. We both know that security is almost a utopia. But we are always looking for it. Learn more at: Brad Pitt. And though transient or futile sometimes prefer Some need the security of knowing how it will be every day, as will secure his job (although I suffer from) their relationship, their daily lives.

Conversely, others prefer to take risks and seek new alternatives, new sources, prefer the winding road to the plain and simple. And I’m not against, each owns what than you want to do, while you yourself are well, nothing else interested, the problem arises when you do not feel well, then maybe there is away from security a good choice. You must ask yourself if maybe you’re not bored with such certainty, is not difficult to grow and develop if you know the answers before the questions are made? Well, it’s just a thought, beyond that and purpose of security, I get several lines of one of the masters, Mr W. Dyer, who in one of his most famous books, talking about security, he said this: The security, the final project is for the dead (perhaps a little hard here the master, but we see as continuous) Security means knowing what will to happen. .