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The services marketing and PR expert Bernhard Kuntz converts and renames his Office in the PRofilBerater GmbH. The PRofilBerater GmbH is the company of the marketing and PR consultant Bernhard Kuntz since mid-August. In addition, education and consulting marketing specialist transformed his Office into a GmbH. Not the business of the company has changed this. Still it will be immaterial service provider”and especially education and consultancy in developing and marketing their products”, help design and design their advertising material and press work.

Also advises the PRofilBerater GmbH, education and consulting provider in positioning, marketing and sales related questions. Transforming into a GmbH was according to Kuntz especially strategic considerations include more qualified employees in the long term to the company to be able to bind. That the company also in the PRofilBerater was renamed in the course of establishing GmbH, has according to Kuntz especially following reason: as “I me 16 years ago independently made, I thought how many entrepreneurs too much around the corner in the search for a name for my Office.” “In fact no man, even the regular customers would not have to”, the old name of business education & communication Office “can remember. “Ultimately it was always said: I call on the Kuntz.” Expand the PRofilBerater GmbH wants 2011 to your seminar business. So the company among other things, to offer regularly open education and consulting marketing seminars in Darmstadt in the coming year plans. “These are largely sell the titles of written by Kuntz and managerSeminare Verlag published Education Marketing books as well as PR Advisor include the cat in the bag: education and consulting services market with system” and why everybody knows? Press work for trainers, consultants and coaches. For more information contact interested at PRofilBerater GmbH, Darmstadt (Tel.: 06151/896 59-0, E-Mail:;) Homepage:)