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X-OOM Web TV & radio suite access to the wide world of Web TV and radio channels gives the X-OOM Web TV & radio suite. Hundreds of free international television, abandon button take, for example, from the fields of action, entertainment and sports, via the Internet to the home screen. The X-OOM software also doubles as a video recorder: recordings can be any time to look at them later. Also a library of international radio stations of every taste is available. The integrated song search quickly finds the requested song that also legally can be cut with the easy-stop function as mp3. With the podcast finder not only informative audio content are transferred quickly on the computer.

Also funny or exciting films ala YouTube, Clipfish and co. are quick to use on your own hard drive. Movie clone 4 GOLD web + mobile with the X-OOM software movie clone 4 GOLD web + mobile video files are no longer bound to a medium. Whether by DVD on Sony PSP from the Internet to your iPod or from the camcorder on BBs mobile: the home PC and the X-OOM software to determine the user even location, format and quality of his videos. The X-OOM software creates full backups of the domestic DVDs as well easy as compressed versions of the own videos. They can then go on video-enabled mobile phone, iPod or the PSP look. The user interface is clear: after selecting source and destination transcoded and transfers the software videos according to your needs. The supplied bonus software online TV global 5 gives the users also easy access to numerous Web-TV and radio stations, podcasts and video pages ala YouTube, Clipfish and co.

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