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So, you need updates in the sales department. But which side to start and where to go? It is time to audit. Subject of the audit – is first and foremost, the activities of the company in sales, its effectiveness. SWOT-analysis will reveal the presence of both weaknesses and strengths of the sales department. Technology Investor has much to offer in this field. Also, a SWOT-analysis will help determine the real and potential threats. This analysis will give a complete picture of how marketing and sales, will allow to determine the positive and negative factors affecting the work of sales department. SWOT-analysis will define the necessary modifications.

One of the main tasks of analysis – identification of vulnerable areas sales department. For example, such as a small number of loyal customers, on which depends your firm. Mapped all the collections, which include the size of orders, and various assortments and their impact on sales. Analyzes all requests made by customers in order to identify the most fruitful methods . We consider the level of recognition the firm to potential and existing buyers. In other words, performed a full scan of all areas of the company, which may be unclaimed, marketing and sales resources. Audit of sales and marketing is done in several steps: – collecting all the necessary documents – deletion of items that are not for the firm particularly important – making a specific list of the employees who will have to answer questions directly work-related sales – carrying out necessary surveys and interviews – using the received answers in the interviews, decide on the proposed action plan – a plan to systematize the items as possible implementation, anticipated cash infusion and urgency – to identify the officials responsible for one or another section of the plan and terms of implementation, to coordinate the monitoring and control. It must be remembered that no audit a panacea to get rid of problems, it only outlines a way out of this situation. And will be good or not depends because, as will work on compiling the plan approved by staff.