What are the bonds of unity? Acts 2, 42-46, 4, 32-33. Basically shared what the community? The first bond of unity among the People of God is the profession of one faith received from the teaching of the Apostles. Faith is central to the life of the Church. It is a principle of internal unity among us "believers" all Christians believe the same thing, we know by faith united in our origin and destiny, partakers of the divine life in Christ, called to be sons in the Son. With faith START and developed the community. If you would like to know more about Sally Struthers, then click here. But faith is also the principle of external drive. Faith is transmitted, is concluded and announced in the Church.

Jesus entrusted to his apostles and disciples to be witnesses and teachers, and their successors to be elected until the end of time ensuring the faithful transmission of revealed truth (cf. Mt 28, 19, Acts 2, 42, 4, 33). Luke 22.31-32. Let us pause a moment and Reread. Jesus wanted to cement our belief in the faith of Peter.

Recall the passage in the confession of Peter when Jesus changes his name to "Cephas" (cf. 16, 15-19). This faith is the foundation of the Church. The external dimension of the Church while creating an institution unlike any of their origin, provenance and participation, the mission has received and the fullness of grace which it bears (SACRAMENTO). The second bond of unity that we find in the event of Acts is the fellowship and the breaking of bread.