Don Quixote

– He does not have himself to say Sancho, now nor in any time, that so noble horseman will be frightened by afraid adventure – Don Quixote responded -. And if it will be the case that fell, promtame that will fight until giving revenge me, thus your fight grants the eternal rest to me. – Nonsubject your favor I will do, it badly or or – Sancho said -, it seems to me that when the danger surpasses is better to twist the way and to turn aside itself, since it is of wise people to keep today for morning, and not to venture everything in a day. Your favor knows, that looks for the danger it perishes in him, so it is not well to touch God, thus will be by love. In short, Don Quixote putting hand in his lance, raised the glance to the sky, he entrusted of all heart his lady, who walked something smiling, and also to God Our Gentleman, who did not forget it, since he was enamored until the livers, and is that one revenge to him was only reserved. But being it watching, he heard a roar, arcabuzazo that made run to prince Felipe Tupac next to her. When Don Quixote saw that one horrsono and frightable noise caused scare to so strange prince, it decided to give aim to that one adventure, freeing most bitter and joined battle that has been seen, from which the Don Quixote lance ended up touching the neck of Felipe Tupac and with great ferocity it said: – Bold Rndete villain if you do not want to leave the life in payment of your audacity, I will not allow that your madness robs so pure heart, and if you want to have kingdom does not have to lack a state where you live like a prince! To which the captive responded who due to his payable condition of would make truces, and who only asked will say to him like arriving at the city of the great strengths, because in it is city would not have to be princess Francisca Pizarro, to have she better taste with the pretending ones. .