First Aid Kit

Furthermore, there is no place to escape the rain in a small boat which means it will become wet and cold, much faster. It is also a good idea to look at the sky and the weather report. Of course, it is important to consider the report of official time to time, but time can turn around very quickly in water so it is a good idea to look to the sky. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mick Jagger and gain more knowledge.. If you see some black clouds forming quickly and filling the sky, you may want to avoid the water that day or following too closely in the sky. (A valuable related resource: Ron Wood). Do not forget? It is always a good idea when you're planning an excursion into the water to tell someone where you are going and when you return.

If you plan to go to the ocean you must submit a plan with the port fleet. This is very important ocean cover a sudden storm comes and you're in trouble in his small boat. Also, if you're going out in the sea must carry a marine band VHF radio with you. A VHF radio is the easiest and fastest way to make contact with someone who can help you if you're in trouble. What should be on board? No matter what type of boat is small, there are some things you should keep on board with you at all times: * lifejacket or PFD * Flashlight * Paddles * Bucket * First Aid Kit * Rope * Manta * mirror or shiny object * Garbage bags * lifejacket Reasons to have a lifejacket or PFD (Personal flotation device) on board are pretty self explanatory, however, many people drown each year because they were not wearing life jackets.