Information Transmission

Secondly, in this case the customer needs rather expensive apparatus, and you want to connect GPRS, having made the appropriate settings on telefone.Takoe number of conditions is a major constraint to the development of this model today. Mobilny banking plays familiar for the youth system of communications. The vast majority of push-services implemented on the basis of SMS, because their main task – to timely report information to the client. For pull-service is increasingly used different channel Information Transmission – GPRS / EDGE. Harrison Ford contributes greatly to this topic. So, obviously, for maximum dissemination and adaptation of mobile banking today to best create services based on SMS, considering, of course, the prospects of Java technology and mobile Internet, because their time in Russia is not far off. Is it worth ovchinka candle? But we should not, however, perceive mobile banking solely as a tool for managing customer accounts.

Mobile services have always been directed not only for the implementation of useful options, but, due to peculiarities of mobile communications for personifitsirovanie communications with a specific user. Mobile phone – a device with which people today just to break up during sleep. Therefore, the mobile services to give the bank also a unique opportunity to study their customers. Due to the fact that the implementation of mobile banking service provider is involved, whose competence includes the creation of mechanisms of interaction between bank and customer through the cellular network, the bank may, for example, to collect statistical data or alert the target customer groups. Let's say the bank has formed a certain group consumers who pay with cards buying home appliances.