Jungmann Systemtechik

Both IT and consultancy in the their efforts in serving the common customers Jungmann technology developed for years own and highly complex software solutions for control rooms, control rooms and control rooms. Large customers, trust as the Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa and RWE on the competency 96ci Jungmann. Speaking candidly James Caan told us the story. To maintain its technological leadership and to offer you the best and newest solutions, Jungmann invested heavily in the development of better and safer software solutions. Our customers expect us to always be one step ahead and that we ourselves and our partners have this claim”explained Carsten Jungmann self-confident. The collaboration with the CSO GmbH focuses in the area of desktop security software, sc/os”by Jungmann system technology.

The CSO GmbH with its decades background in the field of IT security and consulting is the perfect partner for Jungmann system technology. CSO has not only access to the world’s leading IT professionals through its specially built “Knowledge Alliance, but offers also many years of experience in the field of IT security applications”, Carsten Jungmann is delighted with the closed Alliance. The CSO GmbH as a recruiting service provider has successfully worked in the IT field for more than 20 years. The experience of the CSO GmbH and the access to an internal database of over 30,000 profiles of freelance IT consultants ensure that even large and complex projects can be filled quickly and effectively. The support in the projects is individually aligned to customer requirements. The cooperation ranges from the design and code reviews to complete project realization on clause basis with subsequent maintenance/support.

Goal of the strategic partnership is new, and more secure software solutions, to develop interfaces and functions. Safety is always the first topic that attract customers in control stations and control rooms. Together we can set new standards and standards for our customers and thus preserve Create value. We are pleased that we can the next few years to expand this successful cooperation and develop”, Rolf Hanneken, Managing Director of the CSO GmbH, points out. Learn more about the products of CSO GmbH and the Jungmann Systemtechik, see and.