Photoshop Textures

In the high-quality 3d model of the proportions, shapes, curves are transferred accurately. Texturing. In order to 3d models were colored, textured, two-dimensional graphics program such as Photoshop or Corel, drawn, or rather produced a texture map. Inventions in the field texturing not less than any other. Multitexturing, texture compression, maps, reflection, refraction, dispersion … Much has been devised ways of applying textures: tile textures, procedural textures, texture environment (Environment mapping). Texture – is not only coloring 3d object. In fact, the term structure implies roughness or smoothness of the surface of the object.

These are the properties of surface, which can touch. All objects have several types of texture maps, including the roughness (relief). A common problem with coated 3d objects is that they sometimes do not fit the form of relief. Very often have to see a tree that is smooth as glass, or leather, grainy, like sandpaper. It is simply unrealistic. Another fairly common to see a blurred or come with a form of coloring. These are all signs of poor texturing. In high quality 3d model textures worked out most carefully and realistically.

Rendering. At this stage, the mathematical (vector) spatial 3d models are transformed into flat images. If you want to create film, Renders a sequence of images, one for each frame. 3d image rendering process often requires very complex calculations, especially if you want to create the illusion of reality. After all, in reality before all light sources are present. And it is the combination of light and shadow areas created for our eyes to the illusion of three-dimensional picture plane. If the picture faded and monotonous, or alternatively shaded areas too black and white illuminated blind as snow, if inaccurately referred reflection and glare – all low-quality rendering. Parts and accessories. Now we come to the training of 3d animation object. When moving your character is constantly changes its form joints. These izmeneneiya, of course, must also be quality adjusted. If the animation joints 3d models and wring plyuschatsya as a wall of plastic bottles – is indicative of poor ostnastke. Animation. Think of what a person uses basic techniques when trying to pose as a robot? First of all – it changes the speed their movement. And instead of the usual natural gestures and actions, we see strange slow or intermittent motion. If 3d animation model performed poorly – you just struck by the unnaturalness. The motion will be too fluid or too abrupt, and is mechanical. To create a natural motion of an object requires painstaking work of a professional. In the end we should mention another important criteria. As with any art, in addition to professional 3d design talent is important. Sometimes you look at the job – and it just touches. At the same time does not want to pay attention to any flaws, just like to watch. If you see a designer's portfolio such work – it means you are lucky, you have found a talented 3d-shnik. If you closer examination you see that everything is made high quality – you are doubly lucky, you find a talented professional in the field of 3d graphics! (C) m 'collective mind'