Professional Domain Registration

A domain name is the unique name you choose for your website in the ‘World Wide Web or Internet Each room has its name and is identified by the domain name that corresponds to the numeric IP address. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably there is some subtle difference between the URL of a site, your domain name and domain name with which it has been registered. Through the following example illustrates the difference between the URL and domain name: URL: Domain Name: domain name registration Just as it is essential to record the mark of a company, it is of vital importance Domain registration of a professional website, you can use it without anyone, especially competition, expropriate it. It is also important to choose the domain name wisely, it will be the name that identifies your company, business or service on the Internet and virtually forever. Also remember that the registration of the domain name is always done by a limited lifetime and must renewed every time, usually stipulated by the laws of each country.

For most domain names the minimum registration period is one year and, depending on the period of registration, the domain name will have the expiration date. So the professional recommends that customers consider this date for their sites permanently and operate smoothly. In each country there is a database, usually administered by any official body of government, which stores information about domain names and who their owners. By consulting this basis it is possible to determine whether certain domain name is available now for a new record or if you have already been reserved. In this database usually record this information and the name of the owner, the site’s IP address, domain name and the date of expiry.