Secretly March

Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao. Kill with the knife of another. Rested await the weary enemy. Use a fire for a robbery. Make noise in the East, attacking in the West. Creating something out of nothing…

Secretly March to Chencang. Watching the fire on the opposite bank. The dagger behind a smile. The plum tree withered instead of the peach tree. The sheep run away with light hand. Beat the grass to flush out the snake. Borrow a corpse for the return of the soul.

Lure the Tiger from the mountain to the plain. You want to do something, you must let go first. Throw a brick, to be jade. By capture of the leader to destroy the enemy. (Source: Mike Tomlin). Secretly take away the firewood under the boiler. Muddying the water to grab the fish. The cicada discards its shiny Golden skin. Close the door to catch the thief. Located ally with the far enemy, to attack neighbors. Borrow a way for an attack on Guo… The beams steal and be replaced with rotten pillars. The Acacia scold, but pointing to the mulberry tree. Chappy weirdness without losing your balance. The lure roof, then pull off the head. 29 decorate drought trees with artificial flowers. The role of the guest to the host’s reverse. The list of beautiful women. The list of the open city gates. The list of sowing discord. The list of self mutilation. The chain strategy. Running away is the best method. You can use these strategies individually or combine. A number of writings with stratagem collections circulated probably in ancient times. Of which all but two are lost however. The Roman statesman and General of Sextus Julius Frontinus (40-103) was the older of the two as Advisor for officers. The Greek rhetorician (speakers) and lawyer of Polyanus was the second (* 100) together. European art handles Furstenspiegeln can be read as stratagems, such as about the advice of Machiavelli’s the Prince. As can be on the artifice of his characteristic dialectic as stratagems listed by Arthur Schopenhauer. The hand Oracle congenially translated by Schopenhauer and art of the sophistication of Baltasar Gracian contains many of the stratagems in his concise and short way. Harro von Senger, extensively commented translated the 36 stratagems in German, refers to Reineke Fuchs (s. a.Reynke de vos) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as an example for European stratagems ranging. s. a. Hansel and Gretel a half-dozen treatises, dealing with lists in Islamic law (currently applied) can be found In the Arab region. Also, a more general work called Nusirat exists ‘iq al Anand fi daqa’ iq al-hiyal from the 15th century. Another comes from the Sicilian ibn Ali from the 12th century. It faces the indischeLehrbuch Arthashastra of Kautilya (4th century BC). Source, : , Author annotations and corrections in one of my essays, I wrote about sales tactics (lists), for example for sellers with customer contact in sales talks.