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Affectivity: Capacity d of the members of the family of experience and demonstrate positive emotions and feelings about each other. Roles: Each Member of the family complies with the responsibilities and functions negotiated by the family nucleus. Adaptability: Ability of the family to change the power structure, roles and relationship rules in a situation that requires it. The above should also consider the system of coexistence of the couple, which is determinant, since as an example of life, not only involves in education saying, implement, punish or reward the behaviors that have been transmitted through the word, but it deeper to the learner what he has seen or observed, as it is the relationship and system of coexistence between the parents and the application of its own rules of conduct. This is the congruence within education. This work of analysis of family functionality should be accomplished as an instrument easy to execute and evaluate by all members of the family, this so that at the time of feedback or analysis of the results all can participate. This work will be made considering the physical and emotional conditions in all periods or stages of life. Aceptandolo or not, conscious or unconsciously, parents, if they have reached a point of awareness will conclude your need by accepting not knowledgeable at all of the implications of educating and undoubtedly will seek spaces to train as individuals, couples or spouses and parents.

This is the accepted imperfect but perfectible. 7 Variables previously mentioned will be worked as a means of teaching-learning in its educational system. Which in some cases with deeper problems will require external support from specialists in the psychological area, because there are situations that involve not only educate, but require a heal wounds that are loaded over the life and that without a doubt have been determined in much the actions or reactions of some members of the family. Will be sought that the actions carried out have as fundamental objective intervene proactively, but given the actual situation of the families, the greater work, and should be aware of this is the change the system of education, which will lead to re-educate or change the vision and mentality of the members of the family. In this way, the methodology of this study, can be useful for preventive intervention and correctivamente on families who want or need to improve your running, thus elevating the quality of community life and the quality of the attention of parents. Reference: Herrera-Sant i, p. (1997).

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