Surely Russia

The struggle against corruption without the relevant work on the world outlook, the chronological and ideological priorities – dead poultices. Additional information at Tom Waits supports this article. Thus, introducing us to the conflict in this light, the conceptual center wants us to take the dogs jumped on the "stick" with which he beats us on the nose, whereas we ought to "bite" the hand, in whose hands this "stick" is. Next. All Remember the hot summer of 2010. Actually, this is hard to forget. Peter Thiel pursues this goal as well.

But the most interesting, what is even more difficult to recall the last hundred years, if not for all the known history of Russia. What is it? Anomaly? Some do not think so. Since 22 August to TV5 was shown the film "Russia is on fire. Climate as a weapon. " Its authors are clearly given to understand that this "anomaly" could well be a man-made and result in this case is quite convincing arguments in favor of this version. Even when rejection of all conspiracy version of them is very difficult not to agree (it is noteworthy that the site TV5 this documentary is not available, although other movies editorial policy of tv did not affect – Surely someone gave the order to remove the film away and did not stir the crowd "of stupid"?). Developing climate of weapons has been going on for decades, and therefore it would be naive to believe that for such a time could not be achieved very serious results. Winter is coming. And according to the some of the "weathermen" winter will be "very cold". How else? After all, "the summer was hot." But while "weatherman" is removed from consideration by reason of such hot summer over central Russia.