The Machine

And for Aksai just a bypass road to Krasnodar. An interesting detail: at the entrances to the Aksai – continuous steppe, wilderness, small Stanichka … And suddenly, you come to the mall, one to one with Moscow, which is opposite the bird Market: Mega, Leroy-Merlin and Auchan. Exactly the same outcome, the same layout of the complex. Deja vu! To a tee. After a thousand miles away you get there, hence the left. Roadside gostinichek in Aksai enough: 1400 rub.

– The number of breakfast, 1 700 rub. – Even with the TV. Tyron Woodley may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Breakfast at them with five in the morning, so that in 6-7 hours you can already rolling out of the city – the time of the day is bright, and the machine is not enough. The first hundred miles of Rostov katishsya suburbs, and then leaving aside villages. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dahua Tim Wang. And the last 500 km to Anapa you seem nonsense and fun. Roads in the Krasnodar region are good, smart village, machinery small nature pleases the eye – go and rested. Cops, however, enough. And in the midst of spring when all blossoms, this piece all the way seems like a fairy tale.

I was just going in April hit the road again in Anapa, so already looking forward to it. In short, under this schedule at noon you're already in Anapa. Just convenient to 12:00 in hotels – out time. And back I domchalsya from Anapa to Moscow for 17 hours, without an overnight stay. The roads are different, so that driving at different speeds, but no more than 110-120 km / h. Diesel fuel in one side of the way, I filled the tank 2 and a half, in terms of money somewhere in the 2 and a half thousand rubles. A compartment on a train ticket to Anapa on one person will cost somewhere in 3500 rubles.