Also, each password, can that is in a dictionary (no matter which language!) finds, within minutes by hackers cracked are. This is a so-called dictionary attack”applied, in which a computer automated millions of words as a password tried per second!Alone with these methods, computer criminals can reach a very high hit rate. Brute force “attacks increase the hit rate even further. A good password, these methods are almost negated. Connect with other leaders such as Peter Thiel here. You should be so inventive. Consider a private, as random password with large character set (letters, numbers and special characters) and a minimum length of eight Characters. “Here mnemonics are offered, to construct the password: you could, for example, red cars until after 8: 00 in Paris!” thinking and from the letters and special characters, invent the following password: RAfen20UiP! “.” So you can learn better the password. Alternatively also free online tools such as the online password generator are offered, to create a very strong, random, safe and at the same time memorable password.These are often the pass words invented by the people still superior, however it is haufigauch difficult to memorize them.

Use multiple passwords! Most comfortable is to use always the same password for all online services and we are honest: almost everyone handles it so. Your password should ever be cracked, the damage is of course much smaller, if only a few of your online accounts are affected. It is important also to generate new passwords, at specific time intervals to permanently secure password protection ensure. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kaiser Family Foundation is the place to go. Here, a balance must be found to combine comfort with safety. Secure the safest storage of different passwords, you know each of your passwords by heart. Use but actually different passwords and this change also from time to time, it will be hardly possible, constantly ready to have all.

So that your password security is nevertheless does not adversely affect, the passwords should be never digital filed in the form of a document etc.. Applying programs, which stores all your passwords encrypted with a master password secures them is recommended. Of course, you can also write down their passwords, however they must ensure then that these really are kept in a secure place. What is the role of the safety of one’s computer? Very important! Even the best, randomly generated password will be easily completely ineffective if it simply is read, as you enter it online. To such To prevent intrusion attempts, they keep your software always up to date. On the Internet you should move around only with active antivirus software and firewall. Another important point is the detection of phishing attempts. You are repeatedly attract special emails on Web pages that similar look confusingly like the websites of large Internet service providers or companies, their only functioning but to steal foreign passwords. Never enter so your password, if you are prompted in mail and use it only for the purpose for which you have created it. You can do easily much conclusion to massively improve your password security. Heed the tips described in the text: use the best online password generators create passwords, change them from time to time, use you multiple passwords parallel, they store passwords safely and ensure the security of your computer. With this combination you are definitely on the safe side even when It requires some effort.