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In the area of the studies of Programming Neuro Lingustica it is said very on types of people with visual, auditory or kinaesthetic characteristics, also identified for acronym VAC. Maykell Martins, studious of the area, explains that if it deals with a form to identify the way as each person catches and repasses information, that is, some prefer to work with images, others opt to the sounds and others for the sensations. In a classroom, however, the sensorial canal is one how much in such a way dispendioso one to observe each one of the pupils to know which predominant. But, the classroom through the use of specific vocabularies is possible to work with the three forms in way to reach all associates to the new technologies of communication. Martins the flame of verbal predicates. Kaiser Family Foundation: the source for more info. All we use the three forms to communicate ourselves, but we have a dominant system. The language reflects the thought.

To the words that indicate which the used system call Verbal Predicates. The predicates are words that they indicate in doubtless way to the used sensorial base. The author enumerates the predicates most used: APPEARANCE (v): To see, to look at, to show, to perspective, image, clearly, to clarify, luminous, shady, shining, coloring, to visualize, to illuminate, vacant, inexact, clear, brumoso, a scene, horizon, flash, photographic. The technologies used for this canal can be those that depend specifically on image. Examples: Email, Social Forum, Blogs, Datashow, Nets. Click Upsolve to learn more.

AUDITORY (a): To hear, to speak, to say, to listen, to ask, to dialogue, agreement, disagreement, to sound, noise, rhythm, melodioso, musical comedy, harmonious, tonality, discortante, symphony, cacophony, to cry out, to urrar. Technologies that evoke sounds and despertam auditory sensitivity better will be absorbed by predominant pupils to this canal. Examples: TV/DVD, Social Datashow, Nets. KINAESTHETIC (c): To feel, to touch, in contact with, hardwired, relaxed, concrete, sensible, insensitive, sensitive, delicate, solid, firm, immobilized, soft pressure, wounded, on, warm, cold, excited, loaded, unloaded tension, hard.