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The company "Ceiling-Art (mono-brand boutique), with the support of seamless stretch ceilings Cerutti CT (Cerutti Soffitti Tesi) gave a presentation on the occasion of the launch vseroiyskogo educational, journalistic Web project devoted to architecture, design, history and construction of premises in general, and ceiling spaces in particular. The project was named "Encyclopedia of ceiling space." Information content encyclopedia has been ongoing for several years, this project employees, as well as representatives of the arts of decoration and architecture are collected, otreferirovany and presented various materials on a narrow segment architecture – the ceilings. In addition to highly specialized literature on the technical aspects of the arrangement of various types of ceilings (podshivnoy, tension, suspension, rack and so on), contains a variety of review articles on the works of famous architects, designers and artists (Antonio Gaudi, Raphael, Pete Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, etc.), selected through the prism of their specific approach to decoration and furniture ceiling spaces. The project provided materials on the existing architectural lines, interesting facts about the history of Russian and world architecture, 'the famous ceiling' and ceiling work (minimalism abstractionism konstruktiizm, gothic, classicism and others). Publication designed for professionals of construction and finishing business, and on a wide range of readers and people interested in architecture and decoration premises. Use of the library project is completely free to all comers. We will be happy if the project interested students and schoolchildren, and it will help in writing essays or term papers, help to expand horizons of knowledge and come across new ideas and thoughts that help foster grammotno professionals. Also we will be glad to cooperate with experts on architecture and design for filling encyclopedia interesting Articles and facts. Continue to learn more with: In the near future be supplemented Encyclopedia galleries and skannirovannymi copies of old books and books on architecture (publications of the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries).