The Professor

To reflect the practical one is presented, then, with two complementary aspects: in lower court to unite practical theory and on the other hand, to reflect practical, adopting as the perspective one the inherent possibility of construction of a new to know. To teach, then, she is necessary, to congregate comment, reflection, research, orientation and dialgo, and in such a way to propitiate the formation of the fascinating professional. Rank that through this connotation the professor will become prepared for the new, for the difficult, other circumstances through permanent interaction, contextualizao and contribution, beyond the capacity to learn independently, what one became basic. To leave of the proper one to know of the pupils to win obstacles, establishing relations between knowing, experience and the work, in a longitudinal vision of the objectives, observing and evaluating the situations, valuing the didactic technologies and devices, creating, intensifying and diversifying, the desire to learn, is routines that must be part of the performance of the professor. Therefore, the practical reflexiva professor demands that the professor if has not limited to the inquiries produced in the school, having to produce a knowledge practical, being that such form to think and to act can guide changes and give to answers the certain quandaries that appear in the day the day of the professional exercise. With the arrival of century XXI, the commitment of the professor with the current subjects of the education in ample direction goes beyond the simple transmission of knowledge and, its professional experience it is a reflection question. To educate, however, is conscientious act and intentional that exceeds the stage of instructing and only the professor that he searchs to know the education process intensely/learning will be able to modify and to perfect practical its, having in the pertaining to school formation necessary, but not enough condition, to guarantee an performance compromised to an educational project in evolution.