Ulrich Braun

Or Mr. O”: is a very round person who likes to make round bubbles, if OOo admiring them”are located. So kids can intuitively understand that the letters are maps, which symbolize the abstract units of the spoken language. “Recklinghausen is the direction we thought so many colleagues in Belgium and France with this method and the success also by studies is empirically documented, then we find out just that”, explained the background of the major attempt Ulrich Braun, head of the Department of day care for children of the city of Recklinghausen. “Actually had the Essen LOGO learning game publisher of the Alphas” in German transferred, the contact to the city sought to find a test kindergarten here. In the summer, the Alphas were”successfully tested in a hamburger and an Essen Kita. Recklinghausen but wanted more.

“Brown: there is much research in Germany to the early childhood education to the promotion of reading.” Therefore you have the Publisher offered, the method to test the vest over a large area. The attempt has already paid off: all participating educators are excited. And the staff of the city have many requests from parents and colleagues from other youth offices get more about the Alphas’ want to know. “” Fast learning success is also in children who speak poor german great to see how much fun the children with the Alphas’ have ‘, stresses Ulla Tuncer, teacher and Deputy Head of the family centre, all under one roof’. The dedicated teacher reported the press representatives by convincing, quick learning outcomes: the children have detected the Alphas in the letter who daily pass them, and found as a first relationship with the written language.

After a few days they could put their names with character figures and read first words.” “This low-threshold access to the language is even more important, bearing in mind, that in the family centre all under one roof” is the proportion of children with a migrant background at 60 percent. The children can speak partially hardly any german, but with the Alphas”succeed in the mental connection of letter and sound. “Marlon (5) is already a step learn all your senses with in Germany are the Alphas” distributed through the LOGO learning-game-Verlag GmbH, based in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, which has transferred the method into German. The LOGO Publisher is publishing house in the Bildungshaus school book publishing”and belongs to the prestigious German publishers of early childhood learning. There are the Alphas”to be touched, as a fun game characters, and they insist their adventure in the fairy tale, in the film on CD. A poster rounds the learning kit in the practical Alphas “from cases. “All information and news about the Alphas” as well as the Alphas song “to free download you will find on the homepage