User Design

Therefore, in the foreground and the quality of algorithms and software implementation of the hydraulic calculation. It is in this field and the 'fight' rivals for the third decade. (A sincere regret competing in the field of serious companies and development each year is becoming less and less, and now they You can count on one hand). The first program of hydraulic calculation appeared 30 years ago, long before the advent and mass distribution of personal computers and graphic displays. As soon as were A reliable and efficient procedures for hydraulic calculations, to the fore began to leave the problem of creating user-friendly shell.

These shells were supposed to 'know how' to do simple, but necessary functions (Initial input of initial data, control the correctness of data visualization and analysis of results, adjustments to the original data). To get the results you want the user had to draw (on paper) design scheme was (on paper yet) table areas, consumers, pumping stations and regulators to introduce these tables into a computer, a calculator, to transfer the results to the design scheme (again on paper). On each stage of the user allowed a variety of errors, elimination of which took much time and effort. With the advent of personal computer systems hydraulic design has undergone revolutionary changes in two directions. First, the original and calculated data are stored in standard relational databases, rather than in a variety of binary files. Secondly, the design scheme, showing now on the graphics monitor the computer has become a major source of baseline data and analysis tool of calculation results.